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3D product visualisation – all angles, all variations
Interactive 3D models for your website or e-commerce
Augmented Reality

Inspire sales with 3D and Augmented Reality

Display your products on the web in high quality 3D. Easily embed the 3D Viewer in your own website.

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Furniture makers

Sayduck offers engaging, fully interactive 3D models ready to be easily added anywhere online or be viewed in Augmented Reality, connecting brands and retailers.
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Furniture retailers

We prepare the 3D models of your products to create engaging and fully interactive product visualisations. Let consumers get an extraordinary understanding of your products by visualising them in 360º on your website and also using Augmented Reality.
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Architects & designers

Present your ideas easily to your clients, let them visualise your designs in the actual environment, in actual size and in real time. They will not have to imagine it, they will see it.
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Put your products in
your customers’ home

Customers can select products, ‘try them out’ anywhere in their home and actually understand how they fit in their environment.

Publish your products in 3D

We prepare the 3D models of your products.
Easily add the 3D models in your website or online store.
Let consumers try out your products in their home with Augmented Reality.

Sayduck is available for iOS and Android.

3D membership


Creation of 3D models for your products, ready to be visualised in 3D / Augmented Reality in the Sayduck platform.


Display your products or designs in 3D instead of using traditional photography. Easily embed the 3D products in your own website or digital displays.


License to download the 3D models of your products to distribute as you wish, available in .OBJ format ready for architects and designers to use them in their projects.

Augmented Reality

Customers can ‘try out’ your products anywhere in their home. Sayduck provides the latest Augmented Reality technology, allowing consumers to see immediately if your product is what they are looking for.


High quality product visualisations to help people get an extraordinary understanding of your products or designs.


Get monthly usage and engagement reports and see how your brands and products are performing.

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Inspire sales with 3D
and Augmented Reality

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