3D Viewer: display your products in 3D on the web

Visualise your products in 3D
Sayduck has developed a new 3D Viewer to view your products in high quality 3D on the web. This engaging, fully interactive experience strengthens your customers’ decision to buy, helping you increase sales and reduce returns. The 3D Viewer is a better way than photography to present your products or designs and allow people to get an extraordinary understanding of what you do.
No more need to photograph all the color options, or the product from different angles. With the 3D Viewer, you can exactly see what the product looks like, helping you understand the material, the color and the details from any angle.
How does it work?
Sayduck prepares the 3D models of your products. Do you have 3D models already? Fantastic, we work with most of the 3D formats. If you don’t, no worries, we will create them for you. Once the models are ready, you can easily implement them in your own website, as easy as embedding a Youtube video.
Archiproducts is already using the 3D Viewer
Archiproducts, the largest design network for architecture and design, has already implemented the 3D Viewer on their website. Experience it!
Embed the 3D Viewer in your own website 
You can add the 3D Viewer in your own website by embedding it (as easy as embedding a Youtube video!).
Go to sayduck.com, the source for 3D models of design products, and look for the product you want to embed.
Under the 3D object, click the ‘Embed’ button.
From the box that appears, copy the HTML code.
Paste the code into your blog or website HTML.
Display your products in the 3D Viewer
Use Sayduck’s revolutionary 3D Viewer to display your products in 3D. Request your free demo now!
About Sayduck

Sayduck brings products to live using the latest 3D and Augmented Reality technology. Professionals and consumers benefit by getting an extraordinary understanding of the product, like never before. They can even visualise it in the space where ir’s intended to be. Play with Augmented Reality in the Sayduck app.

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