Sayduck in Art: Ideas to showcase your portfolio

For any artist exposure is important in order to get hired or sell their work. Thanks to Augmented Reality, people can get to see artists’ work anywhere and in a unique way.
It’s exciting to see that Sayduck is used as an exposure tool for galleries and artists too. We invite you to check this project and learn more about how we helped Helsinki Contemporary, a gallery with over 870 works, 26 artists and 50 exhibitions, display their artwork using Augmented Reality.
Thanks to the ARTAP app people can virtually fill their walls with art. It’s a tool to let people discover the artwork and visualise how it looks in their space.
How it works
  1. Download the Artap app and place the ‘wall spot marker’ on a well-lit area on the wall. You can download a printable marker as a .pdf. If you don’t have access to a printer, send us a message including your postal address, and we will send you one. For bigger artworks and longer scanning distances, we recommend an A3 sized marker.
  2. Open the app, choose your preferred artwork and select either ‘LIVE VIEW’ or ‘PHOTO VIEW’. ‘LIVE VIEW’ shows the artwork in a live camera mode and allows you to view the selected artwork on your device screen from multiple angles and distances. ‘PHOTO VIEW’ allows you to take a picture of your preferred view in the room and try different artworks in this picture without scanning the marker again.
  3. Use the app to scan the marker from a 1m distance. When the selected artwork appears on the screen, move away and keep the marker visible on the screen of your device. Take a pictureand share it.
Artap app is now available for iOS and Android. We’re working on improving the app everyday and we’re always welcome to your ideas! Send us an email at
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