Sayduck 5.0: Making things easier

The latest Sayduck update is here! We’re happy to bring a highly-requested improvement: making the furniture appear faster and easier!
Just one tap away
Previously, people had to place a standard-size magazine (the marker) where they wished to see the product. The magazine would tell the device where to place the virtual item. Now placing the furniture has become easier than ever! It is just a tap away, point the device where you wish to see the furniture.
How does it work?
Go to the space in your home that you’re decorating. When you tap on the ‘Home View’ button, it immediately brings you to the camera view. Stand up, point the device where you wish to see the product and tap ‘Place’. You will see how the virtual furniture pops up on the spot you chose!
(Watch the video above for a quick demo).
What can you do?
  • Change the color / material.
  • Change the position of the product, just tap the ‘PLACE AGAIN’ button.
  • Take a picture of the product in your home.
  • Share it with your family, friends, your designer, your customers…
Have fun decorating!
Sayduck Version 5 is now available in the App Store and Google Play. If you have feedback or ideas for other improvements, send us an email at or tweet us @sayduckltd. Your feedback is invaluable to our small team. We’ll continue to make updates to improve the Sayduck app experience!
About Sayduck

Sayduck brings products to live using the latest 3D and Augmented Reality technology. Professionals and consumers benefit by getting an extraordinary understanding of the product in the space where it’s intended to live. Play with Augmented Reality in the Sayduck app.

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