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What if your customers could visit your retail shop from their couch? Using the latest Augmented Reality (AR) and high-resolution 3D modelling, the Sayduck app lets you just do that. Sayduck brings your products in your customers home:  shoppers can find the product they love, try them out in any room and buy them.


Sayduck is the place to help you make your space beautiful. What differentiates us from the rest of furniture shopping apps or websites out there is that we let you understand the product like never before. 3D and Augmented Reality allows us to show you the product as if it was really in front of you, you don’t imagine it, you see it. And the best part, you can see how it fits in your home.

What is Augmented Reality?


Augmented Reality (AR) literally means adding something digital to the real world. But how can it be achieved? In our case, we use the camera of your device to capture your surroundings. We then overlay the piece of furniture that you choose.

More real. We want to make the furniture look as good as the real thing, this means facing many challenges. Materials like glass or chrome are not so easy to represent in 3D. In this latest update, we designed a way to make them lighter and closer to the real one.


Different colors.You can now try the different color options of a product and pick the one you love the most!


Embed option. You have the option to embed the Sayduck 3D viewer in your own web page! (Go ahead, try it out, it’s free!)

Take a look at the 3D viewer in action!
Play with the Sayduck app. If you’re enjoying it, please review it! It means a lot to us. Also, share your feedback here, we’re working on improving the app everyday and we’re always welcome to your ideas!


Have fun!

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