Decor inspiration: Dividing spaces

I live in a small studio apartment, no walls: kitchen, living room and bedroom all in one space. Still, when I’m sleeping, I want to feel like I’m sleeping in my bedroom, not in the kitchen or in the living room. How to bring some intimacy to each space? Here some inspiration for your tiny palace!
1. Curtain room dividers
Soft and thin, open them or close them, they give you privacy and still make the space feel bigger. Plus it can save you on those days of untidy-bedroom when you have unexpected guests!
2. Shelves and other furniture
What about a shelf full of books and plants? Or a clothes rack? Or even a desk!
3. DIY Projects
To all craft lovers, this one goes for you!
4. With plants
Plants are great to bring joy and colour to any space.  Go green!
5. Our picks from
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