Flinders: innovating in retail

Case study: Flinders

Learn how Flinders, an important retailer with online and offline presence, benefits from Sayduck’s 3D Viewer and Augmented Reality.
About Flinders
Flinders mission is to make design accessible to everyone. Flinders is one of the largest furniture retailers in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Flinders has been awarded twice Best Furniture Retailer website.
The Challenge

Flinders team always strives to innovate and present their catalog the best possible way. They are always looking for ways to improve the shopping experience to drive sales both online and offline.

3D Viewer

Flinders has added the 3D Viewer on their website by copying the simple embedding code available on sayduck.com.

“Sayduck 3D models are detailed and the 3D Viewer works very smoothly”. – Flinders

On Flinders online store, people can easily access the 3D by clicking the 3D button below the main product photo or by scrolling down the page. The 3D Viewer gives Flinders an edge over competitors, helping close the gap between online and offline and giving a better understanding of the product.

“The 3D models are an added value to our product pages.”  – Flinders

The 3D Viewer also gives shoppers the possibility to see how the product looks in their home by clicking on the ‘AR’ button. This will open the Sayduck app in Augmented Reality mode.
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