End of the Year – 2016

Dear Friends,
As the year comes to a close, I can say it has been an exciting year for Sayduck! During the year we have been making significant progress on many areas, including the launch of the 3D Viewer and the upgrade of the Sayduck app to a markerless version. In addition, we reached a major milestone in November by serving more than 100.000 3D views on the Sayduck platform during one month.
Founders Niklas Slotte and Mikael Ylinen

This is a fantastic milestone for us and we think it tells us the following:


1)    The need to see and understand products better in an online context is real – buying and selling big bulky items online in multiple configurations and material (color) variations is challenging. This has been confirmed by consumers (users), professionals (designers), brands (manufacturers) and retailers, which we work closely with to improve commerce in the ecosystem.

2)    New technology provides means to improve life and make things easier. Our initial focus on AR was complemented with the release of our 3D Viewer earlier this year. Together, the Sayduck platform serves now as a great tool to help users discover products in hyper realistic 3D on the web and award winning Augmented Reality on the Sayduck app.

Sayduck’s 3D Viewer, you can easily share it anywhere online, here‘s how.

3)    The democratization of these technologies will make virtual experiences constantly better and they will eventually become the norm – things we do not question. In this sense, we are in a privileged position to observe this development and provide the best solutions for our customers and partners.

Augmented Reality in the Sayduck app.

Our mission going forward is to make Sayduck the standard way to experience 3D and Augmented Reality in the home furnishing space, essentially helping brands and retailers to present products better and consumers to discover and validate their purchasing decision. Our ambition is to create the largest manufacturer approved 3D catalogue and find efficient ways to serve the contents to our retail partners.

The target is set, I encourage everybody to try out the Sayduck app and I invite furniture brands and retailers to try out Sayduck. Joining is easier than ever as we always produce free demos to all customer prospects, while for retailers adding contents to their website is just an embed code away.

Best Wishes for a Happy New Year!

Niklas Slotte