5 Years and 1 Million 3D Views!

Dear Friends,
This week as Sayduck is turning 5 years, we have also had the excitement to celebrate a big milestone of 1 million 3D Views served on the Sayduck platform.
The most exciting thing about this achievement is that the bulk of the views has taken place during the last 12 months, which means that we have been able to grow our audience over 10 times during the time period.
There are a few interesting points worth mentioning about this specific milestone: 

1)   As we started 5 years ago, pioneering the use of AR to furniture, it was a novelty unheard of outside of technical circles. It’s heartening to see its real-world use growing and gaining ground in people’s everyday lives – from Pokemon Go to large companies investing hundreds of millions into products and devices.

2)  For Sayduck though, most of this million 3D views has materialised within our 3D Viewer product, which allows brands and retailers to present and embed their products in photorealistic 3D on any website. We think it proves that companies have a growing interest in moving away from traditional 2D imagery towards a more information-rich 3D experience.

3)   The consumption of Sayduck’s 3D is still mostly happening on desktop devices (close to 80%) with the rest on mobile/tablet and our app. From a user background point of view, this is quite equally divided between what we consider to be consumers and professionals (designers and architects).

Sayduck just turned 5!
Sayduck’s 3D Viewer, you can easily share it anywhere online, here‘s how.
I would like to thank our friends, customers and partners for the continued support on our journey. As always, I encourage you to give Sayduck a try and experience it yourself – we would be happy to hear your thoughts and ideas.

Niklas Slotte