This is Sayduck

The adventure began in 2012, with the idea that one day, Augmented Reality would become so normal that it would be everywhere, mixing the virtual with the real. We thought that this technology could help the furniture industry, both people trying to find the right furniture for their home and people selling their creations. This is how it all began.

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“A mobile augmented reality-based platform.”

A virtual showroom

A repository of high-quality 3D models of furniture
and design products. We provide high quality 3D
visualisations for your website or e-commerce.
A complete 3D solution with 3D Viewer and
Augmented Reality.

We are a small team of passionate people

Niklas Slotte
Niklas SlotteCEO
Mikael Ylinen
Mikael YlinenCPO
Alexander Indorato
Alexander IndoratoSayduck's #1 fan, VP Sales
Andrew Smallbone
Andrew SmallboneCTO, the Back-end Genius
Silvain Toromanoff
Silvain ToromanoffProduct Developer
Núria Riera
Núria RieraHead of Marketing
Grigori Colesnic
Grigori Colesnic3D Wizard

Sayduck is available for iOS and Android.