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Visualise how the furniture you love will to look in your home before buying. Easy & fun!

“No assembly required.”

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“A mobile augmented reality-based platform.”

Make your space beautiful

Find what you love

Browse among thousands of products and brands. Discover what you love and try it out!

See it in 3D

Get to know the item better thanks to the 3D viewer, it captures what images are missing.

Place it in your home

Visualise the virtual furniture in your home to find what you need! Easy & fun!

Sayduck makes it easy
& fun to buy furniture

Try out how the furniture looks in your home before buying. Make sure it’s a perfect fit! You can even take a picture of the furniture and share it with your friends.

How to place it in your home

Choose your spot

Point with your device to the spot where you wish to see the product. For example, if you wish to see a table, align the frame that appears on the screen to the floor. 

Get the scale right

The product will appear on the spot you picked. To get the actual size of the product, press the scaling guide button and get any A4 size paper you have around. The A4 serves as a scaling guide, to make sure the product appears in real size.


Visualise the product in your home. Understand how it fits in your space, rotate it, move it around. You can even snap a picture and share it with your friends and family! Have fun!

Sayduck is available for iOS and Android.