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Virtually everywhere

From virtual…

We prepare the 3D models

We prepare the 3D models of your products with realistic materials and all the relevant material/colour options. When the 3D Content is ready, products can be visualised in the browser and in Augmented Reality.

3D Viewer / Configurator + Augmented Reality

Allow your consumers to get an extraordinary understanding of your products by visualising them in real time, from any angle and on your website, without plugins.

The 3D Viewer lets you visualise the products in 3D on the web, so that you don’t miss the important details. You can easily integrate the 3D Viewer in your own website.

Our Augmented Reality lets consumers try out how your products will look in their space.

To real life…

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Visualise your
products in 3D

High quality 3D content that connects both brands and retailers. We prepare the 3D models of your products to create engaging and fully interactive product visualisations.

  • Rotate and zoom for product details
  • Show all the different product finishes
  • Easily embed the 3D Viewer in your website
  • No more need to take expensive product shots

3D Membership


Creation of 3D models for your products, ready to be visualised in 3D / Augmented Reality in the Sayduck platform.


Easily embed the 3D products in your own website or digital displays. Display your products or designs in 3D instead of using traditional photography.


License to download the 3D models of your products to distribute as you wish, available in .OBJ format ready for architects and designers to use them in their projects.

Augmented Reality

Customers can ‘try out’ your products anywhere in their home. Sayduck provides the latest Augmented Reality technology, allowing consumers to see immediately if your product is what they are looking for.


High quality product visualisations to help people get an extraordinary understanding of your products or designs.


Get monthly usage and engagement reports and see how your brands and products are performing.

Put your products in your
customers’ home

Customers can select products, ‘try them out’ anywhere in their home and actually understand how they fit in their environment.

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Customer Stories

“For the brand is really interesting because your can be closer to the customer. You create a really strong connection.”


“Sayduck gives us the possibility to strongly engage with consumers, showing them products in locations where otherwise would be impossible.”

MATTEO ALESSI, Director of Alessi

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