4.9 Large

New writing desk with a name 4.9 was welcomed into EMKO’s assortment recently. Unusual name reflects the designer’s Marius Valaitis idea about being imperfect: it’s almost five, but with a bit of lack. Also, it’s the angle of the bottom of desktop, which has a “crack” in the back– not only for the storage, but also for the nice closure of core idea. Nevertheless keeping imperfection, all the details in this desk have to be made with perfect accuracy, otherwise desk will not work. At least not in the way it is suppose to – not only being functional piece of furniture for convenient and efficiency work, but bringing style into your life. Beauty cannot be empty, for sure. But functions can be beautiful.
Designer Marius Valaitis
  • Width 1400 mm
  • Height 760 mm
  • Depth 700 mm
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