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Sayduck helps world leading design brands to drive product engagement and inspire customer confidence.

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Zound Industries, Adidas RPT-01 headphones.

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Sayduck Platform

Create, showcase, impress with 3D & AR.


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3D Viewer

Showcase your products in 3D. With our 3D Viewer your customers can rotate, zoom in and out, fully interact and better engage with your product.

Photorealistic Rendering

Create high-quality visuals instantly for your product with only one click on the Sayduck Platform.

Configurator supported with AR

Instantly visualize all possible configurations for your product – even when there are thousands of them.


Create interactable notes, highlight and give additional information to the most important parts of your product.

Augmented Reality

Let your customers try out and experience products directly from your website. With the Augmented Reality feature your customers can place product virtually at the comfort of their home.

Available directly from a browser on iOS and Android devices. 

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Bicycle by Pure Cycles, source: Shopify.

3D Creation

Let the Sayduck 3D modeling team visualize your product in 3D. Use it to bring your product closer to the customer.


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