How Sayduck can help your business?

October 30, 2018 – Gintarė Vaišvilė & Gabrielė Kraujelytė

Let’s talk about how a demo might help out your business. Could you tell from the picture above what is this modern invention?

Me neither. Meet Geizeer – A tiny eco-friendly desk ice cooler. Now you are interested how it works? Right? All you have to do is to fill the bottom cube with the cooling elements, previously frozen in the freezer. Easy as that. Now I guess you would like to see it closer? But wait, how can you do that?

Geizeer team had the same question: how to promote their product and attract more customers to their website. As cool as it sounds, little ice cooler is not a fancy perfume bottle, and the best way to attract more interest is by presenting your merchandise in the new, more  realistic way. You are thinking what I am thinking? 3D? Yes! This is when creators of Geizeer contacted Sayduck. They provided us with product information, images of the product and… here is the result!

Every single detail is on your screen in front of you. You can rotate it, zoom it in and out, see bottom and the top. From every angle. How cool is that? This is what Ferdinando from Geizeer team has said: ‘It increased the traffic to our website, not only from Italy but globally, 3D gives better understanding how product looks in real life, most importantly it gives dimensional information’. We do think dimensions are very important, in fact they will be in front of you while looking at the 3D model. 

Why don’t you try out for yourself?

Gintare Vaisvile
Head of Sales, Sayduck

Gabriele Kraujelyte
Head of Production, Sayduck