Startup-minded Senior Back-End Developer

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We believe in a future where Augmented Reality and other immersive technologies are part of everyday life. A world where the virtual and real are tightly linked together.

If you share our vision, come and join a multi-cultural startup team focusing on building the most advanced platform for 3D content and product visualization tools required for this future to happen!


Sayduck is looking for a Senior Developer to join the Technical team. With a challenge-driven attitude and a knack for innovating, you will help maintain, develop and create Sayduck’s products and experiment with cutting-edge technologies to keep the company moving forward with new innovations in our ever-evolving industry.

Your Role

As part of the Technical team, you will have responsibilities towards all of Sayduck Products: our core API, our Web 3D/AR Viewer, our 3D product management Platform and our continuous R&D efforts to always stay at the bleeding edge of online AR and 3D. You will work closely with the CTO of the company and the rest of the Technical team, and help Sayduck scale and improve its products at a much faster pace. You will also get the chance to participate in defining technical aspects of new products and services to come.

The job offers a possibility to do something unique and you will have a key part in defining the future of Sayduck’s Platform.


Sayduck’s services are currently built upon Heroku and Amazon Web Services for best scalability, leveraging a variety of programming languages and frameworks – both frontend and backend – such as:

– React

– React Native

– three.js

– Ruby on Rails

– node.js

– GraphQL

– glTF 2.0

– …

It is not necessary to know all of these, as it is above all adaptability and eagerness to learn quickly and independently new technologies that are central. In fact, you will have responsibilities in a number of different products, and Sayduck is constantly experimenting with new technologies to stay on the edge of the field.

General understanding of 3D technology or standard development practices is a welcome plus.

About Sayduck

Sayduck helps brands to drive product engagement and inspire consumer confidence through 3D and Augmented Reality. Our solution allows anyone to leverage 3D and immersive technologies in order to let their customers fully engage with their products online, try them out at home with AR and make an informed purchase.

Sayduck is part of Bublar Group (publ) in Sweden, the leading industry player for immersive technologies (AR / VR / 3D / VFX) in the Nordics, with around 250 employees currently.

You will join an international team based in the central neighborhood of Eira, Helsinki.

Please submit your application to