Sayduck for Shopify

Sayduck is the trusted 3D partner for Shopify Plus merchants. Let us create your products in 3D for use with AR and Web 3D on Shopify.

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Whether you’re looking to showcase your products in 3D or AR on Shopify – we got you covered!

3D Modeling for Shopify

Get your products created in photorealistic 3D for use on Shopify. Our 3D creation service will create 3D from photos, CAD-models or by scanning the actual product.

Sayduck creates 3D assets in many formats including glTF and USDZ – these are currently the main formats supported by the Shopify 3D Warehouse.

Augmented Reality with ‘AR Quick Look’

Take advantage of the new ‘AR Quick Look’ feature allowing Shopify merchants to launch AR experiences directly from the browser. AR has never been more accessible as no app install is required.

Sayduck creates AR Quick Look compatible 3D models available on iOS 12. More information is available on the Shopify AR/VR blog.

Showcase products with our 3D Viewer

Allow users to configure products and see every variant – let them understand every option available. Give it a try!

Sayduck – Case Examples

Hem – 3D Configurator

Our 3D Configurator helps Hem customers to personalize their lighting fixtures.

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Harney & Sons – AR

Our AR-Ready 3D models allows Harney & Sons to virtually display their tea tins.

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Upright – 3D Viewer

Our Web 3D Viewer enables Upright to show their product from any angle.

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  • Working with Shopify has helped Sayduck bring our 3D and AR capabilities to a wide audience. Shopify merchants can now leverage Sayduck's technology and know-how to drive product engagement and improve customer confidence.
    Niklas Slotte
    CEO, Sayduck

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